The energy-efficient frames from EPAL are the first choice for those who want the best!

Who we are?

EPAL S.A is one of the largest aluminum frames industry in Greece, with a dominant position in the Greek market and a significance presence in the international market. With more than 30 years of experience and with a sole objective to ensure the superior quality of its products.

What do we offer?

EPAL SA gained the trust of the market by providing high quality products and innovations in aluminum frames design. The needs of the new open international market bring new items to competition.

How do we offer it?

EPAL SA owns one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe with up-to-date technological equipment, able to respond with immediacy and consistency in the ever growing market demand for quality frames.

Energy – efficient frames made of wood and wood-aluminum.

The ultimate combination of high level of aesthetics and security is offered through the NEW series of frames made of wood and wood-aluminum from EPAL.

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ALU-Passiv heavy duty system from EPAL

The energy –efficient frame system made of wood-aluminum combines the best properties of the two materials into a high value product with long lifetime.

The combination of wood inside and aluminum on the outside offers the advantages from both materials. The classic aesthetics and the everlasting value of wood are uniquely harmonized with aluminum resistance and security.

ALU – Therm wood-aluminum system from EPAL

The energy-efficient frame system made of a wood-aluminum combination incorporates the best properties from the two materials into a high value product with long lifetime.

The profile used to manufacture the wood-aluminum frames are made of solid wood, cut into 3 parts and reattached with the grain opposite to each other, to prevent warping, tearing and alterations in the shape of the frame. The main wood used is Swedish Spruce, but Siberian Larch and Slavonian Oak can be used for special orders.

EPAL Frames

EPAL SA holds vast experience in the field of frames since it is active in the specific domain for over 30 years. The products of EPAL are distinguished for their flawless aesthetics in design and guarantee the highest quality standards of thermal and acoustic insulation, security and proper functionality due to the excellent materials used in their manufacture. For this reason, EPAL cooperates with the largest suppliers of raw materials and frame accessories in Europe.
With modern technical equipment, EPAL can easily cope with the demands of current technological applications. The manufacturing capabilities of EPAL comfortably cover the needs of both the Greek market and the significant exporting activity abroad. Production facilities of EPAL cover an area of 10,000 m2 and operate two showrooms and a large network of representatives throughout the country.

Advanced Security Systems

The products of EPAL can offer the maximum thermal insulation and soundproofing level, but most importantly to safeguard and secure your space.

New Products

By increasing its product collection, EPAL offers smart solutions and combinations from PVC, wood and aluminum while covering the growing demands of its customers.

Sales department

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