Our certifications

From the beginning EPAL S.A. managed to become an equivalent of quality and to offer products which improve and facilitate every aspect of everyday life. In this direction, EPAL S.A. adopted and conformed to the highest compliance and quality certifications in the industry.
Especially, EPAL S.A. implements strict and constant commitment to the construction standards in order to achieve product uniformity and to satisfy all the wishes and needs of its customers. Specifically, EPAL S.A uses the “CE” marking, the “ift Rosenheim” quality certification, the “A5” certification and E.K.AN.AL. certification.

“CE” certification

“CE” certification or “EC” as it was known in the past is an obligatory conformity marking for specific products which are sold within the European Economic Union from 1985. Also, it can be found on products which are manufactured inside the European Union in order to be sold outside of the union, in products which were designed to be sold inside the union and in products which are manufactured and sold within the European Union.

Especially, the “CE” marking constitutes a compliance statement of the manufacturer that the particular product meets the required standards, set by the European Union. Specifically, it certifies that a product sold within the European Union is rated to meet requirements concerning security, safety, health, and environmental protection. Also, “CE” marking promotes healthy competition since it ensures that all companies need to comply with the same laws and legislations within the European Union.

“ift Rosenheim” certification

“ift Rosenheim” is an international scientific service provider and an international technological institution which evaluates the suitability of use for products in the construction sector. With more than 50 years of experience, 200 employees and fully equipped facilities, “ift Rosenheim” certifies practical and professional evaluation on the entire range of product properties. Especially facades, doors, windows and different construction materials along the entire supply chain.

Its objective is to obtain sustainable improvement in the quality, usability and technology of the products. Its philosophy is based on the motto: “solving problems in practice” and specializes in training and development, in standardization, in expert reports and in upgrading measurement techniques and development of new test methods.

“A5” Certification

The “A5” marking is issued by the laboratory for architectural technology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The specific laboratory is a notified body of the European Union and performs Initial type testing according to System 3 which is in line with the European directive “89/106/ΕΕ” in order to ensure if a product is in compliance with the certification of compliance “CE”. Moreover, the laboratory is accredited with the quality certification ISO 9001:2008 and performs thermal and sound insulation tests for the “CE” marking in a vast number of products and constructing materials in accordance with the specifications mentioned in the Product requirements, like ΕΝ 14351-1:2010 standard for windows and doors manufacturing.

“E.K.AN.AL.” certification

The Greek center of Aluminum promotion (E.K.AN.AL.) is the sole Greek carrier which performs laboratory research and tests in final aluminum products such as aluminum frames, windows and doors. The laboratory tests take place in E.K.AN.AL’s facilities with specialized technological equipment and in accordance national, international and new European standards.

Specifically, “E.K.AN.AL.” inspects and confirms the quality of the aluminum frames, tests the percentage of air-tightness, the percentage of water-tightness and resistance of air pressure. Moreover, it provides test certificates which are necessary in order to obtain the “CE” marking.


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The products of EPAL can offer the maximum thermal insulation and soundproofing level, but most importantly to safeguard and secure your space.

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