Aluminum Tilt & Turn frame EPAL 18000 Ultra K

Technical Information

The aluminum profiles of the “EPAL 18000 Ultra K” series are made of aluminum suitable for the manufacturing of doors and window frames (according to DIN 1748 standards).

AlloyHardness (Brinell)Breaking Stress(N/mm²)Yield Stress(N/mm²)Elongation Α10 (%)

The profiles of “EPAL 18000 Ultra K” series are designed by EPAL S.A.:

  • They are patented with intellectual property rights registered in I.P.O. (Industrial Property Organization).
  • They are manufactured using extrusion forming dies, which are designed and owned by EPAL S.A. and are rigorously controlled in terms of permitted deviations.
  • They are used exclusively by EPAL S.A.
The aluminum profile sections (frame and sash) of EPAL 18000 Ultra K series have the following technical characteristics:
Technical characteristics of frame:
Width of frame(mm)Height of frame (mm)Weight of frame (g/m)
Technical characteristics of sash:
Width of sash(mm)Height of sash (mm)Weight of sash (g/m)

The aluminum frames of “EPAL 18000 Ultra K” series are powder coated in EPAL’s advanced and state-of-the-art powder coating paint plant. All the surfaces of the frames are being processed for better paint adhesion and ensure high quality and durability.

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