The timber we use in EPAL

Realizing its responsibility towards its customers, environment and future generations EPAL S.A. selects to buy timber only from certified timber suppliers who have received all the necessary and obligatory certification markings from international organizations.
In this way EPAL S.A. guarantees sustainable forest management, in other words targets for the most environmentally suitable and socially acceptable management of forests. Also, every timber frame series is coated with environmentally friendly varnishes and coatings which are water soluble and non-toxic for people and the environment.

Swedish Spruce

Spruce is a tree in the species of Picea, which constitutes of 35 coniferous evergreen trees of the Pinaceae family found in the north hemisphere and cold regions of the planet. Spruces are large trees which reach 20 to 60 meters tall when mature and we can distinguish them from their whorled branches and conical form. In the mountains of western Sweden scientists have discovered a species of spruce called “Old Tjikko” with an age of 9,950 years which is considered to be the world’s oldest living tree.

Spruces have two major advantages when compared to other trees. First advantage concerns the quality of Spruces timber which is regarded particularly high. The second advantage is related with its adaptability to hot climate and in high ground temperatures which results in high levels of timber elasticity.

Spruce is considered to be especially useful as a constructing material and it is often called with different classifications as North American timber, SPF (spruce, pine, fir) and Whitewood. Spruce timber can be used for many commercial uses, from general construction activities and boxes up to really specialized applications such as wooden aircrafts. It is worth mentioning that the first aircraft of Wright brothers, the famous Flyer, was manufactured from spruce timber.

Siberian Larix

Siberian Larix (Larix sibirica), is a tree highly resistant to frost which is found in western Russia extending from the eastern borders with Finland up to the valley of Yenisei in central Siberia.

It is a medium-size to large-size deciduous conifer tree which can reach from 20 up to 50 meters in height and with a trunk reaching one meter in diameter. When it is young, the tree top has a conical shape that becomes broad with time. The number of mature trees for this widely widespread species is estimated to nearly hundreds of millions. Siberian Larix constitutes as a nesting space for singing birds.

Siberian Larix has many applications in different aspects of everyday life. Specifically, it can be used in medicine as a stimulant, as a diuretic and for controlling certain skin diseases. In the leisure sector is considered an ideal solution for landscape shaping in theme parks and other amusement sites due to its color shading which makes it really pleasing for the eye. Timber from Siberian Larix is really popular in the manufacturing domain. Traditionally, it was considered as the main material for the construction of timber houses for the people in the area of Siberia. Also, due to its durability it was used for the manufacturing of railway sleeper in the Legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. Because of its great rot and mold resistance Siberian Larix timber is valuable for the construction of mail boxes, poles and mine props. Also, it is used as the track surface in many velodromes all around the world such as the Manchester Velodrome in England and the Krylatskoye Velodrome in Russia.

Slavonian Oak

Oak is a tree in the species of Quercus of the family Fagaceae. There are nearly 600 species of deciduous and evergreen oak recorded in the northern hemisphere and they can be found in both cold and tropical areas of America and Asia. Moreover, the region of Slavonia in Croatia is regarded to produce the best quality of oak timber in the world.

Oak timber has a density of 0,75 g/cm3, which results in hardness and great strength. It is regarded as extremely resistant against insect and fungus due to a substance it contains that is called tannin. It is worth mentioning that oak timber was popular since ancient times. Specifically, in Ancient Greece it was considered to be the holy tree of Zeus. Moreover, in the Dodona Oracle in the region of Epirus there was located the sacred oak which was dedicated to Zeus, the king of gods. Also oak timber was used for the manufacture of the famous Viking boats during the 9th and 10th century. Throughout Middle ages, it was used as an internal material on prestigious furniture and buildings such as the House of Commons in London.

Nowadays, oak timber is widely popular for the manufacturing of timber furniture and timber flooring and for timber barrels containing whine, brandy and whiskey.


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