Powder coating

In EPAL S.A. we use the powder coating process to paint the aluminum profiles. Powder coating is considered as one of the most popular coating processes worldwide.

About powder coating

Powder coating is the process of coating the aluminum profiles with special epoxy, epoxy-polyester or polyester resins in order to protect from corrosion and to achieve the desirable color and appearance, according to the wishes and suggestions of our customers. For the painting of aluminum profiles which are designed for architectural applications (doors, windows, frames and glazing panels), we are using polyester powders. These powders are characterized by high resistance to external conditions (humidity, high and low temperatures, high radiation, etc.).
Powder coating became widely known the last 40 years, since it was introduced in North America. It is used in vast variety of products and it constitutes the 15% of global industrial market for the coating sector. Many companies choose to use this type of coating in order to achieve a high quality painting, resistant coating, efficiency improvement and compliance with the environmental legislation of the European Union. Powder coating offers a broad range of textures and colors, many functional and decorative applications while current technological advancements have notably improved its performance.

Advanced Security Systems

The products of EPAL can offer the maximum thermal insulation and soundproofing level, but most importantly to safeguard and secure your space.

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New Products

By increasing its product collection, EPAL offers smart solutions and combinations from PVC, wood and aluminum while covering the growing demands of its customers.